The HOB Connect committee meet once or twice a term to discuss initiatives with the Headteacher that support learning in the school.  Any parent or carer from the school is welcome to attend any meeting.  You can find out more on our Facebook page.

The PTA does a fantastic job raising funds for the school.  You can contact them here if you would like to help.



Aberdeenshire are looking to improve the quality and the extent of all parents’ involvement in their child’s learning and the important role they play in their child’s education.  They have put together a comprehensive strategic plan and would like your feedback about it.

  • You can view the plan here

  • Look at their presentation about it here

  • Read their consultation invitation here

You can go to their questionnaire here: https://bit.ly/2NrP0bu

They will publish their findings in early February 2019, and you will need to complete the questionnaire before 7 December.


HOB Connect - Connecting the Community